We are Baettr

Baettr is among the top wind component manufacturers on the market. This success is in no small part thanks to the effort and teamwork of our excellent staff.

But the wind industry is faced with a challenge. Because even though market demand for renewable energy is increasing, turbine sales are increasing, and wind energy is one of our best options for reliable supply of renewable energy, prices for turbines are dropping. And they will continue to drop. So, to stay competitive and succeed with our customers, we have to be able to continue to improve. And this all starts with your ideas.

As Baettr, we continue what we started as Global Castings. A central part of being Baettr is to allow ourselves to imagine better, and share good ideas. Only by sharing ideas can we make sure they are heard, implemented and rewarded. Your ideas drive us forward. And by imagining better, and working in respectful collaboration through mutual accountability we will continue our position amongst the market leaders.

Our values

Great ideas can come from any part of Baettr. Because we all live the same values, across our organization. By thinking and acting according to our values, we can drive the innovation and change that will keep us among the market leaders.
Stand Accountable

To our customers, shareholders and colleagues, we are always accountable for delivering what we have promised. We optimize our daily work routines and bring new ideas to life by facilitating collaboration across job functions, responsibilities and areas of expertise. Transparency is key to making relevant information both easy to access and understand.

Imagine Better

Good is the enemy of Great. We grow by daring to imagine what we can do better. We are proud of what we have achieved. Yet, we are always critical of ourselves – and at all times looking for ways to improve even further. Great challenges are overcome by great people, pursuing equally great ideas and answers.

Be Respectful

We respect the needs and demands of stakeholders, team members and partners. It is our access to the best resources – human and material – that enable us to succeed. So, we should treat each of them with care. This is the foundation on which great collaboration is built upon.

By doing consignment stock of Pig Iron and Steel Scrap instead of traditional stock management, we managed to reduce inventory by 65% on purchased raw materials.

Bruce Emmerth
Site Manager, Tianjin & Xuzhou

Action & Result

Since the implementation of consignment stock, our company has been able to drastically reduce inventory on purchased raw materials. This has increased our net working capital, making us more flexible to market demands.

By designing our flask to remove the heat from casted components more efficiently, we managed to increase capacity by 20%.

Ingo Boysen
Director Technology, Lem

Action & Result 2

What started as an idea for for better flask design resulted in new technology that has greatly boosted our production output to our customers.

By changing into 24/7 operation with an employee-friendly shift model we have optimized both the utilization of assets as well as the process flow. This alone has helped us to increase our productivity and output by some 20%!

Stefan Schmidt
Site Manager, Stade

Action & Result 3

Better planning of processes and employee shifts has benefitted not only our customers, but also our staff. This has lead to higher productivity and a better working environment.