Tianjin, China


High performance equipment and standardized operating procedures define our machining, surface treatment and assembly services in Tianjin, China. Since opening in 2009, Baettr Tianjin has already seen heavy investments in new technology and lean production implementation, providing security and cost-competitive production to our OEM’s operating in Asia.

Located in close proximity to major wind turbine assembly sites for on-shore wind turbines, Baettr Tianjin provides flexibility and quality through machining, surface treatment and sub assembly services. Fully certified for quality and safety, Baettr Tianjin is a key factor in our effort to make wind power the most preferred and widely available source of energy in Asian regions.

  • Machining: Modern machine park handling components up to 40 ton.
  • Surface treatment: On-site shot blasting, metallization and painting, with IR-drying facilities guaranteeing quality according to C-standards.
  • Subassembly: Efficient and logistics solutions helps our partners with inventory reduction, and transport cost reduction.


hours annually
factory area
site area


5 x SpeedRam2000 TH25: Max. 5,000 x 3,500 mm (25,000 kg)
5 x SpeedRam2000 TH40: Max. 5,000 x 4,500 mm (40,000 kg)
4 x SpeedMat TR16: Max. 3,000 x 2,000 mm (12,000 kg)
1 x CMM: Max. 2,000 x 3,000 x 5,000 mm (12,000 kg)
1 x Tacchi: 2,500 x 4,000 (25,000 kg)
1x Qiqihar: 2,500 x 4,000 (25,000 kg)
1 x Gurutzpe : 3,300 x 6,000 mm (40,000 kg)
Crane capacity: Max. 40,000 kg


The facility is fully certified in all relevant quality, safety and environmental standards.


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