We are Baettr

We are Baettr

We work every day to make wind energy the most widely available and preferred source of energy in the world. Baettr is a statement of our continued commitment to achieve this goal.

We cooperate with international OEM’s operating in the wind industry, adding tangible value to our partners’ value chain and business by reducing complexity and driving down costs. Always while focusing on continuously improving processes and being easy to work with, as we apply our expertise within our full spectrum of component design, casting, machining, surface treatment and assembly services.

We believe in people and collaboration. Positive change can only be brought about through collaborative effort and by imagining what we can do better. All for the ultimate beneficiaries – the people themselves.

We are a global company. And we stand accountable for our way of doing business, our impact on people’s lives and our global, environmental footprint.

We honour this responsibility with a deep sense of respect for our human and material resources. Because we believe that passing on a better place for future generations is not only profitable – it is truly enriching.

Baettr - Engineering the Foundation for Future Generations.

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Determined to be Engineering the Foundation for Future Generations

Baettr's Sustainability Report 2023 is now published. With this report, we hope to provide transparency and inspiration by not only documenting our own efforts towards a more sustainable business approach, but also sharing key efforts with the broader industry.

A few years back, we defined Baettr’s Sustainability Strategy 2030 and committed to short- and long-term targets. In 2023, we have redefined the strategic elements, but the core remains the same. We have elevated our sustainability strategy to comply with high-level management attention and ensured that we have this tactical and operational influence locally.

Baettr’s establishment of an environmental, social, and governance structure linked to our sustainability roadmap, is crucial for several reasons. It demonstrates a commitment to responsible business practices and ensures that environmental impact, social considerations, and governance principles are an integral part of decision-making processes. It provides a systematic and organized approach to addressing ESG factors. It enhances our transparency and fosters accountability, as stakeholders can assess the company’s performance against defined sustainability goals.

The foundation of Baettr is built on strong values, and it is our devoted employees who bring these principles to life. Their passion and engagement remain the driving force behind our continuous efforts to shape a more sustainable future.

We are determined to be engineering the foundation for future generations. Our commitment to this purpose is reflected in the initiatives outlined in this report. Our 2023 report showcases how we actively contribute to a sustainable and resilient future where being purpose-driven is not just a slogan for us, it is a guiding principle.

If you see potential opportunities in our Sustainability Report 2023 and the work, we do that can make us all better in the important journey, we invite you to have an opinion and share it with us.


Baettr is led by an Executive Board with headquarters in Stade, Germany.
Peter Pallishøj
Thomas Rahbek, CFO Baettr
Thomas Rahbek


Making wind power the preferred energy source across the globe is no small task. We are proud to be a preferred supplier and close partner to the most relevant wind turbine OEM’s in the world.


Establishment of new foundry in India
Baettr establishes the foundry in Chennai, India, and enters partnership with Wheels India for machining and surface treatment, as a strategic move to both serve the Indian market as well as having a new export hub to US and Europe of fully machined and painted castings.
Preparing to enter Indian market
Operations in Baettr Stade is stopped due to missing market demand, and Baettr prepare to enter the Indian market with a new foundry.
We are Baettr
In 2019 the new brand, Baettr, is launched as a celebration of our commitment to making wind energy available to all parts of the world.
New buiness area in Tianjin
Assembly business is introduced in Tianjin as a new business area to integrate and further support the customers.
New facility in Stade, Germany
Global Castings enters a joint venture with Norderland/Etanax Group. The facility, with its 25,000 ton capacity, handles casting and machining of elements up to 80 tons, the incorporation is a strategic move in bringing our partners into the future of turbine manufacturing.
Global Castings is founded
The German industrial holding company VTC Partners GmbH enters a strategic deal with Vestas. Two machining units, four casting units and 1,000+ employees across Norway, Sweden, Germany, China and Denmark is purchased, and Global Castings is born.
Rapid global expansion
Global turbine development is growing. To maintain strategically advantageous proximity to emerging markets, Vestas establishes several new facilities. New facilities include the Chinese casting plant and machining facility in Xuzhou and Tianjin, respectively.
Purchase of Windcast Group
Windcast and their four iron foundries across Norway, Germany and Sweden is purchased by Vestas. The purchase marks the completion of Vestas insourcing the entire turbine design and manufacturing value chain.
Machine shop in Lem established
Vestas predicts the growth of the wind energy industry. To prepare, a brand new machine shop is built in Lem, Denmark. The 30,000m2 facility supports Vestas machining of nacelles and turbine blades. Modernized many times, the Lem facility continues to serve as our head quarter.
The birth of the wind energy industry
Originally a manufacturer of agricultural engineering equipment, Vestas begins to research how to utilize wind for producing energy, in response to the oil crisis of the ‘70s. In 1979 Vestas delivers the first turbines, marking the start of the global journey of pioneering the spread of renewable energy.


At Baettr we all stand accountable for HSEQ, and are thereby committed to:
  • Provide a workplace that keeps everyone safe and free from risk of incidents and illness
  • Minimize our impact on the environment
  • Ensure robust production processes, leading to process and product conformity
  • Fulfil legal and relevant stakeholder requirements
  • Be respectful and take ownership of the HSEQ Culture by involving and encouraging our colleagues

We aim to imagine better, and to continuously improve by creating solutions that are:
  • Safer
  • Healthier
  • Sustainable
  • Leading to zero defects
  • Baettr than yesterday

We are engineering the foundation for future generations.


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Sustainable business means more to us than simply reducing our carbon footprint. Transparent business practices help us ensure that resources - both human and material - are treated responsibly across our organization.

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