Accurate and consistent.

How we do it

Perfection is in the details – We provide this through some of the most developed machining technology on the market. Through machining departments set up in close proximity to our casting and surface treatment departments as well as OEM assembly sites. This means that your components are machined to precision, and always in compliance with specifications.

Machining is a crucial process in transforming your raw casted items into assembly-ready components. Inaccurate machining can cause costly delays and quality issues at the OEM's assembly line. To provide our partners with both faster and better machining, and to ensure all components are delivered according to specifications, we have invested heavily in technology and internal processes. It is our goal to continue to secure a globally  optimized supply chain, with machine shops in close proximity to our casting, coating and assembly departments, as well as OEM assembly sites.

This keeps you cost competitive and flexible.


48,000 m2
facility area, across 3 facilities
192,000 hour
capacity per annum
80 ton
max component weight


Cost-efficient production

Keep delays and manufacturing errors to a minimum, with market-leading technology in all our machining departments.

Fully certified

All our machining shops are certified according to the specified standards for health, safety, quality and environmental protection.

Optimized value chain

Slow can be expensive. We have integrated our machining departments close to our casting and surface treatment departments, saving you time and money.

“Machining is about accuracy and consistency, at the right cost. Investing in technology and people makes us able to deliver on both, when we work with you”.

Li Evan
Factory Manager Baettr Tianjin


Optimal machining procedures start with certified skill and technology.

We have trained and certified competences to level 3 in APQP4Wind.


Our machining departments are strategically located across the globe with superior customer assembly site proximities, ensuring accurate machining at competitive cost.