Lem, Denmark


Strategically located close to our foundry in Sweden, our facility in Lem plays a key role in providing our customers with key benefits in terms of reduction of inventory and management, as well optimized logistics solutions. Situated in Lem outside Ringkøbing, Denmark, lies Baettr’s Danish facility. Built in 1986 and since modernized many times, the facility provides machining, surface treatment, painting and assembly services for OEM’s, taking hubs, base frames, shafts and bearing housings to customer wind turbine sites worldwide.
Machining: Comprehensive machine park and equipment setup. Fast and accurate processing.
Surface treatment: In-house services include shot blasting, metallization and painting, and an infrared paint drying facility. We comply with corrosion class up to C5, with throughput time down to as little as 24 hours.
Subassembly: Save on logistics costs and benefit from reduction of inventory and management. Let us assemble and ship finished hubs to your site.


88,000 hrs
18,000 m2
Site area


4 x SpeedRam2000: Max. 5,000 x 4,190 mm (45,000 kg)
1 x SpeedRam Tilt: Max. Ø2,500 x 5,000 x 4,000 mm (25,000 kg)
2 x SpeedMat: Max. 3,000 x 2,000 mm (12,000 kg)
1 x G/L Euroborer tilt: Max. Ø2,000 x 3,050 x 2,500 mm (15,000 kg)
2 x G/L Euroborer: Max. 4,850 x 3,000 mm (22,500 kg)
1 x Mazak FH6800: Max. 1,050 x 800 mm (1,500 kg)
1 x Mazak vct200b: Max. 1,120 x 510 mm (800 kg)
1 x Fil Fresatrici: Max. 1,300 x 905 mm (1,500 kg)
1 x Okuma VTC Lathe: Max. Ø1,200 x 1,270 x 1,080 mm (2,500 kg)
1 x Tacchi HD3: Max. Ø1,500 x 1,200 x 4,000 mm (25,000 kg)
1 x Tacchi Lathe DB 122 HS: Max. Ø2,300 x 1,200 x 5,000 mm (35.000 kg)
1 x Mazak 50YB: Max. Ø720 x 1,350 x 1,500 mm (1,500 kg)
1 x Mazak 200M: Max. Ø250 x 350 x 570 mm (800 kg)
1 x Durma DBC-S 1100: Max. 1,300 x 1,100 mm
1 x CMM: Max. 2,400 x 1,200 mm (5,000 kg)
1 x Gurutzpe GLH30.40.6 Max. Ø3,200 X 6,000 mm (40,000kg)


Built to last. Our surface treatment solutions and quality control protocols are your guarantee for reliable components that give you the right level of protection and component reliability.


Baettr Lem A/S
Smed Hansens Vej 27
6940 Lem
+45 72170110 info@baettr.com