Guldsmedshyttan, Sweden


Located in the southern beauty of Sweden is Baettr’s foundry in Guldsmedshyttan. Rich in both history and experience, Guldsmedshyttan pioneers innovation in casting technology for on-shore components, helping our customers achieve more cost-efficient manufacturing procedures.

Originally founded in the 15th century, the foundry in Guldsmedshyttan was a cornerstone to the Swedish royal family, manufacturing 95% of the army’s artillery supplies and cannonballs. Purchased by Vestas in 2002, the foundry has seen massive investments in research and technology. Guldsmedshyttan was taken over by Baettr in 2013. To this day, Guldsmedshyttan serves as one of the oldest operating foundries in the world.

  • Casting: Guldsmedshyttan is a primary driver in providing fast and specification compliant casting for on-shore components, whilst developing new innovation in casting.


tons annually
factory area
site area


Guldsmedshytten handles the casting of components up to 21 ton. A key focus of the Swedish facility is testing new casting processes, in order to up-scale and implement manufacturing operations across the rest of our facilities.
Max pouring weight: 46,000 kg
Mould box size: Max. 5,000 x 6,000 x 4,000 mm
Crane Capacity: 60,000 kg


Technical innovation and investments are made along with continuous safety audits, quality and environmental certification inspections.


Baettr Guldsmedshyttan AB
Elzwiks väg 1
71178 Guldsmedshyttan
+46 58145100 info@baettr.com