Chennai, India


Situated close to the eastern coast of India is Baettr's newest foundry, Baettr Chennai. The foundry is a flagship in terms of energy usage, logistics and sustainability. Here, wind turbine components will be casted, machined, painted and prepared for wind turbine OEM's in India and globally, giving Baettr's partners a strategic advantage through close proximity to the Asian market as well as overseas.
Originally started in 2020, the first components was casted at Baettr Chennai in Q1 2022.
From the outset, the foundry will have the capability to process items up to 35 ton. Assessment for increasing capability in later phases is ongoing, as to best be able to serve the market. In terms of annual production capacity, Baettr Chennai is designed to be at 50,000 ton in 2025.


ton annually
20,000 m2
Factory area
80,000 m2
Site area


BTI handles the casting of components up to 35 ton.
Max pouring weight: 46,000 kg
Mould box size: max. 5,000 x 6,000 x 4,000 mm
Crane capacity: max: 150,000 kg


Baettr India Private Limited
Thervoy Kandigai
601202 Tamil Nadu