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How we do it

On time, in quantity – every time. Fast and efficient logistics solutions are critical in achieving the cost-optimization demands facing the wind industry today. We are close to the major wind turbine markets all over the world - with superior customer proximity. This enables us to provide OEM’s with reliable sub-assembly solutions in relation to finished machined castings. Casted parts are costly to move logistically. By working with Baettr, we can help you reduce complexity and optimize the entire supply chain towards the wind turbine site.

Defects and delays as a result of logistics complications are some of the most costly errors facing the schedule of wind turbine construction. To give our partners the best insurance against unforeseen logistics problems, we offer sub-assembly and logistics solutions integrated directly into our core competencies. Delivering on time in quantity is our ultimate goal – for every single component.

Our sub-assembly and logistics solutions are tailored to your production and site locations. That means we can handle everything from small component deliveries to truck-sized component assembly and transport. By integrating our services into the value chain of our partners, we eliminate unnecessary risk and optimize control. The result is cost-competitive, defect-free turbine construction, reducing inventory and labor-cost.

This is our way of providing certainty in an uncertain environment.


Increased growth

With efficient sub-assembly and logistics, our partners can focus more on production growth and less on logistics risk management.

Minimized inventory

Efficient and trouble-free logistics reduces your inventory, and the time you spend managing it. It is all about reducing risk and keeping things moving.

Customer assembly site proximity

Our infrastructure and manufacturing setup mean that your component are always manufactured, machined and surface treated close to the wind turbine assembly or erection sites.

Fully certified

Assembly shops are certified according to the specified standards for health, safety, environmental and quality.

Supply chain integration is an important tool for cost optimization. So we have built up competences for both for the assembly itself, but also for supporting processes as Sourcing, Supplier Management and Development.

Peter Pallishøj


We constantly monitor our work routines to ensure the safety and quality of our work, as well as the impact on our environment.

We have trained and certified competences to level 3 in APQP4Wind.