Ostfriesland, Germany


The Baettr Ostfriesland foundry is located near the northwest German coast. The foundry not only sets standards through its unique line production, but also in terms of sustainability, lean production, and safety in the casting processes.

The foundry was founded in 2009 by the wind turbine manufacturer Enercon and taken over by Baettr in 2024. Very well equipped with the best technologies, Baettr Ostfriesland serves as a reliable development partner and supplier for its customers. The awareness of the importance of rapid series readiness and quality for the use of our castings in our customers' products is one of our main drivers


Tons annually
16,800 m²
Factory area
110,000 m²
Site area


Baettr Ostfriesland handles the casting of components up to a weight of 29 tons.
Max pouring weight: 40,000 kg
Mould box size: max. 6,000 x 6,000 x 4,000 mm
Crane capacity: max: 160,000 kg


As part of our strict codes of conduct, we continuously undergo inspections by governmental authorities and international bodies to maintain our certifications.


Baettr Ostfriesland
Gewerbestraße 56
26624 Südbrookmerland
+49 (0)4942 6569-100 info@baettr.com