Casting components.
Building futures.

How we do it

We have been casting components in serial production exclusively for the wind industry for more than a decade. Today, pioneering OEM’s in renewable energy rely on us to provide cost-competitive casted components, manufactured in accordance with specifications, for consistent quality and performance.

The wind energy market is changing. Continuous market pressure for lowering levelized cost of electricity means efficient manufacturing and proper use of resources is the key to succeeding. That is why we have optimized our production for lean manufacturing, making sure every component is casted according to specifications.

Baettr is dedicated to maintaining our position as your preferred supplier for wind turbine component casting. We do this through our an established global casting infrastructure and custom developed moulds, ensuring optimized cooldown and utilization of sand, resin and binder.

We continually invest in new technology to follow the market development and meet all regulative requirements.



3 foundries
across the globe
80 ton
max component weight
140,000 ton
per annum global capacity
6,000 x 10,000 x 6,000 mm
max mould box size
72,000m2 facility area
across 3 facilities


Cost-efficient production

We keep you cost competitive. Our global lean serial manufacturing processes make sure your components are specification-accurate and always the right quality.

Fully certified

We continuously monitor our work routines. All our foundries are certified according to the specified standards for health, safety, environment and quality.

Optimized logistics

Our global casting facilities are placed strategically for on- and offshore logistics, reducing delivery time and costs.


Standards matter. We are compliant with all relevant certifications required in the wind industry. This ensures the quality of our components, as well as the safety of the people who work on and with them. And it helps us decrease our impact on the environment.

We have trained and certified competences to level 3 in APQP4Wind.


Our casting facilities are strategically located globally for fast and easy delivery on-and offshore components.