We invite
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to celebrate our 10th birthday


Join us when we Celebrate 10 Years of Being Baettr

1. november 2023 Kl. 12-15.00 Smed Hansens Vej 27, 6940 Lem

Join us for a day of celebrations, inspiration, and surprises as we mark our 10th birthday, symbolizing 10 years of our solutions contributing to a better foundation for future generations.

Bring your loved ones along, just like our CEO, Peter Pallishøj, and anticipate a wonderful day. Be sure to register below and secure your spot!

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Our biggest achievements trough 10 years

Establishment of new foundry in India
Baettr establishes the foundry in Chennai, India, and enters partnership with Wheels India for machining and surface treatment, as a strategic move to both serve the Indian market as well as having a new export hub to US and Europe of fully machined and painted castings.
Preparing to enter Indian market
Operations in Baettr Stade is stopped due to missing market demand, and Baettr prepare to enter the Indian market with a new foundry.
We are Baettr
In 2019 the new brand, Baettr, is launched as a celebration of our commitment to making wind energy available to all parts of the world.
New buiness area in Tianjin
Assembly business is introduced in Tianjin as a new business area to integrate and further support the customers.
New facility in Stade, Germany
Global Castings enters a joint venture with Norderland/Etanax Group. The facility, with its 25,000 ton capacity, handles casting and machining of elements up to 80 tons, the incorporation is a strategic move in bringing our partners into the future of turbine manufacturing.
Global Castings is founded
The German industrial holding company VTC Partners GmbH enters a strategic deal with Vestas. Two machining units, four casting units and 1,000+ employees across Norway, Sweden, Germany, China and Denmark is purchased, and Global Castings is born.
Rapid global expansion
Global turbine development is growing. To maintain strategically advantageous proximity to emerging markets, Vestas establishes several new facilities. New facilities include the Chinese casting plant and machining facility in Xuzhou and Tianjin, respectively.
Purchase of Windcast Group
Windcast and their four iron foundries across Norway, Germany and Sweden is purchased by Vestas. The purchase marks the completion of Vestas insourcing the entire turbine design and manufacturing value chain.
Machine shop in Lem established
Vestas predicts the growth of the wind energy industry. To prepare, a brand new machine shop is built in Lem, Denmark. The 30,000m2 facility supports Vestas machining of nacelles and turbine blades. Modernized many times, the Lem facility continues to serve as our head quarter.
The birth of the wind energy industry
Originally a manufacturer of agricultural engineering equipment, Vestas begins to research how to utilize wind for producing energy, in response to the oil crisis of the ‘70s. In 1979 Vestas delivers the first turbines, marking the start of the global journey of pioneering the spread of renewable energy.