Introduction to Leading@Baettr


Introduction to Leading@Baettr

This kick-off meeting will be the first step on your personal development journey with Leading@Baettr. Here you will be introduced to why value-based leadership is important for Baettr and learn how you will be playing an important role in facilitating our values into tangible behaviours every day. This is where our transformation from a production company to a sustainable world leader begin.



08.00-08.05      Welcome and agenda w. Maria

08.05-08.15      A message from our CEO w. Peter

08.15-08.25      WHY Leading@Baettr w. Maria & Simon

08.25-08.40      The importance of leadership at Baettr w. Maria, Simon & C-level

08.40-08.55      Introduction to Leading@Baettr  program and next steps w. Stephen Parker

08.55-09.00      Thank you for today w. Maria