Baettr named Vestas' supplier of the year 2021 for sustainability

Vestas has awarded Baettr with the Supplier of the Year 2021 award for our work in sustainability. The award was presented to Baettr at Vestas' annual Supplier Forum in late November 2021.

"Briefly put, this award is a big win for us. Not only is it a reminder to ourselves - all of us at Baettr - to take pride in the work we do in the name of the green transition. It is also a recognition that brings credibility to the message that we attempt to convey everyday, to our partners and clients: That sustainability, to us, is not just a seperate business area with seperate goals. It is at the very core of our way of doing business, and that is why we are geared to compete on the future global stage," states Peter Pallishøj, CEO of Baettr.

The award for best in sustainability is not simply presented to the supplier with the smallest carbon footprint. Vestas judges suppliers across a range of parameters, to find the top performer each year: "Baettr takes the award this year due to multiple factors: Documented ability to decrease their carbon footprint, investments made in technology that enables better utilization of resources in the future, as well as a proactive effort to facilitate a more sustainable industry in general, by proactively sharing knowledge and experiences with other key players in the wind industry," states Michael Leth, Purchase Manager at Vestas.

Lilian Winkler, HSE and Sustainability Lead at Baettr points to the work carried out in Momentum Network as one of several importants driver behind the nomination and award: "We have a clear sustainability road map set out for ourselves, all the way toward 2030. But the impact we can create on the green transition is multiplied tenfold if we can help facilitiate greener production for the broader industry, rather than just focusing on ourselves. That is why we founded Momentum Network with SustainX, bringing together multiple industry players and sharing sustainable experience, knowhow and technology. The network has quickly gained traction and has become a platform for dialogue with the wind turbine OEMs, enabling us to enhance our impact on the green transition throughout the supply chain".

For further information, please contact Lilian Smith Winkler on lilian.winkler@baettr.com, or on +45 22423668.